December 20, 2006

Naval base closures

This morning on the radio I heard that Labour is not happy with with current state of the navy. It might still be big enough to defend the home islands, and they cannot have that. So one of the current three naval bases. So which one? Well obviously it's time to look at the most important issue first, will they be risking any Labour seats?

Devonport - Alison Seabeck MP (Lab)
Portsmouth - Mike Hancock MP (Lib-Dem)
Rosyth - Willie Rennie MP (Lib-Dem)

So Devonport is safe. And Rosyth went Lib-Dem in a byelection having been Labour before that, plus it's in Scotland home to the next Prime Minister (no matter who Labour choose) so that is probably safe. So it looks like Portsmouth is going to go, it may be the historic home of the navy but there are more important matters in this decision than naval history. There is also Labour's short term electoral prospects, which is far to important.


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